Sheena is a freelance dating consultant and writer. Previously, she was a dating writer for Millennial content site Elite Daily. She is a born-and-raised New Yorker who has navigated the NYC dating scene for over a decade (and dated hundreds of fuckboys all the while), and she specializes in helping women of all ages go from dating fuckboys to dating awesome guys who aren’t, uh, total pushovers.

Sheena helps her clients work on their self-esteem, confidence and game so they can find the right guys for themselves.

Her work has been featured and syndicated in The Huffington Post, Thought Catalog and YourTango.



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  1. Hi Sheena, as an Indian American male who was born here I was tortured severely through my life and it even reached the realm of sexual cultural degradation of Indian females. This all gave me such insecurity and still causes me to dissassociate from my heritage, culture, and even people. I don’t know what I’m asking of you, just sharing my personal struggle with racially bullying and the emasculation of Indian Men

  2. I could provide you with a wealth of information about how men work and what will make them fall hard for a woman. Unfortunately, i lived a life making the most beautiful woman fall in love with me and going on to the next. It was an addiction. It became to easy for me and through hundreds of women the past how many years, there were a few times, I was stumped. lost and in pain. If that happened to me, It will happen to every man on the planet. i think i should write a book about it but there would be a bounty on my head

  3. Hi Sheena!
    I love your articles, everything you write captures me!
    I’m a male escort based in Sydney and your article about your date with the male escort really opened my eyes when I was first doing research into the work. It’s also a reason I knew that my work would be rewarding.
    I’m currently creating a blog on my website to educate people on male escorting and why it should be more respected (alongside female escorting of course). I’d love to link to that article if you’d allow it?
    Feel free to check out my website to see if you’re happy to have it there.

  4. I just found your blog and I love it. I am 29 years old and perpetually single. The majority of my friends are married, engaged or in long-term relationships. My mother is constantly hounding me about my singledom. Your blog is exactly what I needed to read. It is completely honest and refreshing. It’s everything that I have been thinking and feeling but have a hard time expressing to my friends and family. Thank you!

  5. Hey Sheena,

    A friend of mine just showed me your recent article, “I’m Finally Admitting That Having ‘Just Sex’ Doesn’t Work For Me.” I thought it was excellent, well-written, and relevant…guys should read it too. You hit the nail on the head concerning the difficulty of finding a balance as a sexually-empowered, liberated, and independent woman in today’s modern world…satisfying her needs yet not indulging to the point of sadness and confusion. As a writer, it’s refreshing when I encounter a piece online which succinctly and clearly tackles such a tangle of issues. I’ve shown the article to a couple of my friends and I’m looking forward to reading more of your work.


  6. Sheena your Blog is fabulous!! I was single for a long period of time in my late 20’s to early 30’s and I remember feeling like there was this attitude of singledom being a disease of some sort. I wanted to scream at people. “I’m not sick or crazy, I’m just single!” I found that as time went on and I began my journey of loving myself, I accepted that I was worthy of waiting for what I wanted in a partner. I heard less and less from people about what they thought of me being single. And I can tell you now, its worth waiting every minute for what you want 🙂

  7. Just found your blog today and I already love it! I feel like I can totally relate to most of the things you’ve written. I can’t wait to read more! 🙂

  8. I can not say how…there’s not even a word for it…happy, nah, not good enough….breathless…little better…to have found your site…MUST READ ALL THE THINGS!!!! (fist pumps of excitement were had on reading your latest on rejection- please take that in the least gross way possible)

  9. Hi Sheena! Your blog is great – very mood-boosting and positive! Your pieces on Elite Daily also brighten my day. I have just gone through a very similar loss, and your words really strike a chord with my heart strings! Thank you for that, and for writing how you feel. I also started a blog following my loss: heeyceej.wordpress.com so please take a look if you have time.

    Thanks again


  10. I came across your article on Elite Daily – Everyone deserves closure. Why I’d rather be rejected than ghosted – and I just want to say how thankful I am to come across this article. I literally just experienced the heartbreak of being ghosted after a 5 month long dating/relationship (met this guy at a bar as well), and I literally thought I was going crazy. Being able to read your words gave me a sense of support, guidance, and confidence and I truly appreciate it. I completely related to your article from start to finish.

    From Elite, I have now come across your blog and I LOVE your posts. The perspective and humor is absolutely great. Keep writing! I look forward to reading on more 🙂

  11. I just want to say thank you for the article ‘Double Life: What It’s Like To Hide a Huge Secret From The World’. It was comforting, something I can relate to, and something to tell me I’m not alone. Thank you for the courage that I received from the article. I really needed that. xo

  12. This is absolutely the worst (and best) time for me to find your blog. It started with a FB post to elitedaily, which lead to reading a good chuck of your work there, to continuing on to this wonderful site.
    I can’t get enough of your writing because honestly – I’m where you were. Then again, haven’t we all been there? The man I considered the love of my life since I was 16 just walked out with no reason or excuse and here I am figuring out the single life for the first time ever in my mid-20s. Goodness. Reading every thought and feeling and question I’ve had written by someone else truly helps. That’s why this is the best for me – in rediscovering myself I see I’m not alone and I’m watching how another strong, independent woman has been working on it herself.
    Now the only problem I have – I just found this site in the mist of law school finals.

    Life happens and I wouldn’t trade finding this for the world. Thank you!

  13. I read your article ” I will never Cook for You ” – as a long married “wifey”, I immediately recoiled at the fact that according to you, I’m on the outside of the “BAMF” group 🙂
    I get it, you don’t want to stop being you – I think that maybe you’ve been looking at the wrong kind of compromises in other’s marriages, or perhaps your fear has ballooned the word compromise into a big monster…
    Anyways, I’m not here to bash you, I think you have a strong opinion and go for it! I think you would find this article interesting – it’s about a letter that Amelia Aerhart sent to her soon-to-be husband, and how uninterested in compromise she was.

  14. I stumbled upon your work on elitedaily which lead me to your blog. I have to say I don’t read a lot of blogs but I am hooked on yours! It is extremely relateable, well-thought out and humorous! Love it! Keep up the great work!

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