“Black Girl Sunscreen” Is A Summer Necessity For Women Of Color

As a woman of color, I loathe wearing sunscreen in the summer, even though I have more melanin in my skin than white people and tan easier. But my reasons for forgoing the sunscreen have nothing to do with laziness and everything to do with the fact that most sunscreens turn into clumpy, gooey, white globs on my skin – and stay like that, no matter how much I try to rub them in.

Well, women of color, rejoice! Black Girl Sunscreen is the new sunscreen for women of color. Unlike your average sunscreen, this one sells for an affordable $18.99, dries clear and is melanin-reinforcing. Reddit user khaleesidee boasts:

“Hey guys! I’ve spent a lot of time lurking around here and on r/asianbeauty, looking for the perfect sunscreen. And I think I finally found it! It’s called Black Girl Sunscreen and I believe it’s the best sunscreen for POC. It feels lightweight, moisturizing, has a natural finish and leaves absolutely no white cast or stickiness. It sinks in the skin in a minute or so and feels smooth but not silicony. It is basically like putting on a very lightweight moisturizer. It does not peel either. I’m absolutely in love, and I highly recommend it! It cost $18. I hope this will help anyone looking for a sunscreen right now!”

What makes Black Girl Sunscreen different than other sunscreens is that it’s a chemical product, which means it’s made without zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Blame these two chemicals for leaving that white residue on your skin after application.

The revolutionary sunscreen has been a long time coming. Back in 2015, The Washington Post published an article that discredited the need for a sunscreen specifically for people of color. Dermatologist Ron Moy confirmed there is no medical reason that prohibits people of color from using non-chemical sunscreens, saying, “They can just use regular sunscreen.”

People of color, though, would disagree. Though regular sunscreens may be just as effective at preventing skin cancer for people of color, Black Girl Sunscreen is a cosmetic win for anyone with dark skin.


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  1. “What makes Black Girl Sunscreen different than other sunscreens is that it’s a chemical product”; obviously, you meant it’s a ‘chemical-free’ product. Regards, Raki


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