Who’s Curryous  Today?

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Former masochist, turned girlfriend. Helping women go from dating fuckboys to dating awesome guys.
Daily Snapchat love advice: Sheenybeanz

What followers say:

Through her writing, her words and her own vulnerability, Sheena has shown me that I am a badass, that I have worth, that I will be okay. I find myself in such a more stable place than I was. While I took the steps to get there, Sheena helped me on my path more than she may ever know.

Sheena has given me great, honest advice about dating for the past three months. She really puts a lot of thought into her responses and has helped me realize dating isn’t that intimidating. You can tell she genuinely cares about her clients.

Soul sister is an understatement when I think of Sheena Sharma. She has a way to talk about things that coincidentally, I have felt or have gone through as well. She has helped me grow by questioning my own self and becoming more aware of the things I do by, listening her reflections of herself.